Resin Bond Diamond Abrasive Belts

Descriptions:High-efficiency electroplated diamond abrasive belt for surface polishing
Applications:Used for grinding and polishing glass,stone,ceraic,hard alloy materials and other hard hard materials. With longer lifetime and sharper abrasive compare with traditional abrasive belt
Size:Width: 5mm~350mm, Length: 150mm~5000mm

Resin Bond Diamond Abrasive Belts


Resin bond belts divided into flexible and hard resin, according to the degree of hardness.
The flexible resin has good softness and flexible coating pattern, can better fit the surface of the workpiece, and has better polishing performance. Because the resin is soft, wears quickly, and has poor temperature resistance, it is not suitable to make coarse-grained abrasive belts.
The flexible resin abrasive belt must be wet grinding, which also limits the application under certain conditions.

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