How to distinguish between single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder

There are four types of diamonds, the first type is the worst, and the fourth type is the best. The main difference is the crystal form and strength. The good crystal form is regular and the size is relatively uniform. The secondary crystal form is irregular and the size is different. It can be seen clearly; good diamonds are strong and durable, while inferior diamonds are easy to break and not durable. Type 1 and Type 2 are mostly used for sintered diamond tools, resin diamond tools, etc. Type 3 and Type 4 are mostly used for electroplated diamond tools.

1. In terms of production methods: single crystal diamond is synthesized from graphite through a six-sided top press; polycrystalline diamond is synthesized by explosive method; polycrystalline diamond is just a diamond polymer formed by sintering single crystal diamond and a binder under high temperature and high pressure .

2. From the perspective of microstructure: polycrystalline diamond has more crystal edges and grinding surfaces than single crystal diamond, and each crystal edge has grinding force during polishing, and coarse particles will be broken during grinding It falls off into smaller particles, which can maintain continuous grinding force and is not easy to cause scratches.

3. The structural advantages of polycrystalline diamond make it widely used in the grinding and polishing of sapphire substrates, optical crystals, and electronics industries.

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