Diamond Coated Tools

Diamond is the hardest material in nature, with a small friction coefficient and good thermal conductivity. It is the best material for making cutting tools, but diamond is very brittle, so ordinary diamond tools can only be used for finishing, not for roughing. Although diamond single crystal tools and diamond polycrystalline tools have been sold in domestic and foreign markets for many years due to their advantages in service life and processing quality;

The advantage of diamond coating is that it can be applied to various tools with complex geometric shapes, such as inserts with chips, end mills, reamers and drill bits; small cutting force, small deformation, stable work, slow wear, and difficult workpiece during cutting Deformation, suitable for finishing with good workpiece material and small tolerance. And the hardness of diamond-coated tool ≈ HV10000; it has a low affinity to avoid a lot of accumulated chips and adhesive wear;

Diamond-coated knives have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, as well as chemical inertness, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient; the cutting edge of the tool is very sharp and the cutting is extremely thin.

Features of coated tools

1. High hardness (HV20-40GPa), wear resistance and friction reduction (friction system < 0.1), it is an excellent surface anti-wear modified film;
2. With excellent corrosion resistance, various acids, alkalis and even aqua regia are difficult to corrode;
3. It has good anti-adhesion and anti-seizure properties for metals, plastics, bananas, ceramics, etc.;
4. Low surface roughness, can reach mirror level;
5. It can be deposited on various metals, plastics, glass and other materials, with good bonding force.

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