Advantages of diamond powder coating

The microwave CVD method uses the mixed gas of methanol and hydrogen, and the nano-diamond film is prepared on the surface of the substrate by the microwave plasma CVD method at a certain temperature.

Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (MPCVD) has the advantages of no electrode pollution, high crystallinity, few crystal defects and smooth surface. It is the most ideal method to prepare high-quality diamond films.

The strong current DC CVD method can provide a large plasma surface area, and can complete the diamond coating for 64 different shapes of cemented carbide tools at one time.


In addition, the thermal load of this device on the workpiece is small, which is beneficial to realize the temperature control of the coated tool, thereby helping to improve the repeatability of the diamond coating process of the carbide tool.

At the same time, the high current extended arc CVD equipment has the characteristics of good coating uniformity and wrapping.

The diamond coating is deposited on the surface of an indexable blade or screw cutter by chemical vapor deposition.

The advantage of diamond-coated cemented carbide tools is that the hardness of natural diamond and the strength and fracture toughness of cemented carbide are combined, so diamond coating can be used for helical tools with complex shaped cutting edges and complex chipbreakers. Type multi-blade knives. The material removal rate is greatly improved. For cutting with high surface finish requirements and anti-abrasive wear, it is most suitable to use diamond-coated tools, while it is difficult to use uncoated carbide tools for processing.

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